GlobiTech, Inc.

About Us


GlobiTech was founded in 1999 in Sherman, TX, with the goal of providing world-class silicon epitaxy products and services to the worldwide semiconductor industry. GlobiTech is a global leader in semiconductor technology, providing innovative, advanced technology solutions to leading chip manufacturers to transform lives around the world


GlobiTech was incorporated in December 1998 and began operations in March 2001. Being an epitaxial silicon wafer foundry involves the deposition of a thin single crystal layer of silicon onto the surface of a silicon substrate. Epitaxial wafers are the traditional wafers to achieve surface integrity by putting various thickness epitaxial silicon layers. Thin Epi wafers are commonly used for leading edge MOS devices. Thick Epi or Multi-layered epitaxial wafers are used for the devices mainly to control electric power, and they are contributing to improving the efficiency of energy consumption.