GlobiTech, Inc.


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Environmental protection, health, safety, and security are all paramount for GlobiTech. We continue to fulfill corporate and social responsibility and obligations as citizens of this earth. Our environmental sustainability development goal is to meet specific customer requirements while protecting our environment and providing a safe and healthful workplace for our employees.

We are committed to:

  • Regulatory Compliance: Our commitment to protecting the environment by adhering to all applicable environmental policies, laws, and regulations, reducing waste, and conserving energy.
  • Environmental Protection: Identify and reduce the life-cycle environmental impacts of products. We will implement green design, green procurement, and cleaner production to achieve pollution prevention, energy and natural resources conservation, waste reduction, and GHG emission reduction targets.
  • Injuries, illness, and incidents Prevention: Implement risk assessment and prevent occupational injuries, illnesses, and incidents. We will establish a safe and healthy workplace and promote the physical and mental health of our employees.
  • Continuous Improvement: Continue to seek opportunities for EHS management system improvement and enhance EHS management performance.
  • Training and Awareness: Plan and implement EHS training courses and communications process. We will ensure that our employees, suppliers, and contractors have the awareness, skills, and resources to carry out their activities in a manner consistent with our EHS commitment.