GlobiTech, Inc.

Epi Layer Technical Support

GlobiTech has a long history of working closely with our customers to develop epi solutions that deliver optimal performance and cost-benefit. A broad range of experience on multiple product types provides GlobiTech with a strong understanding of the interaction between the epi wafer and end-device performance.

Proprietary Epi manufacturing processes, advanced Epi design, and complete engineering support offerings allow GlobiTech to tailor Epi solutions for SiC and silicon wafer products.

GlobiTech provides a world-class level of support to all of its customers. Services include the following:

  • Yield Analysis
  • Epi Layer Targeting Matrices
  • Epi Layer Correlation Analysis
  • Buried Layer Epi Development
  • Custom Process Development
  • Device Parameter Optimization
  • Wafer Level Data Reporting