GlobiTech, Inc.

Metrology Capability

In-House Analytical Capability

Graphical chart
  • ICP-MS – Surface Metals
  • SPV / uPCD – Lifetime, Bulk Fe
  • SRP (Spreading Resistance Profiling) – Epi Doping Profiles & Transition Width
  • Cleave & Etch – Surface & Bulk Defect Delineation
  • Tencor SP-1, TBI – Laser Surface Inspection
  • ADE 9800 – Dimensional & Resistivity (E2 Flatness Capability)
  • Microscope with Nomarksi DIC
  • Epi Layer Thickness & Resistivity Metrology (CV, 4PP, FT-IR)
  • Advanced FTIR – Epi Thickness, Substrate Resistivity, Transition Width Measurements
  • Optical Comparator – Edge Profile Measurements
  • Auto-Titration – Cleanline Bath Monitoring

Lasertec SICS88

  • Concurrent inspection of various surface defects and Epi layer BPD/SF
  •  High accuracy Automatic Defect Classification (ADC) by virtue of ultra-high-resolution review images
  • High throughput (10 WPH with 6-inch wafer)
  • Incoming and outgoing inspection of bare SiC wafers and SiC Epi wafers
  • Monitoring of SiC polishing and epitaxial growth processes
  • Management of SiC device manufacturing processes

KLA-Tencor SP1/6220

  • Surfscan is used for particle wafer defect inspection and review systems to find, identify and classify particles and pattern defects on the front surface, a back surface, and the edge of the wafer
  • Dual-laser illumination with simultaneous darkfield and brightfield modes enables detection of a wide range of yield-limiting defects at a high capture rate in a single pass
  • Real-time defect classification (RTDC) enables the filtering of nuisance defects and noise and accelerates root-cause analysis
  • Simultaneous collection of haze information provides detailed information on wafer surface quality

Additional Systems

Fabguard Graph
  • FabGuard FDC provides run-by-run and real-time analysis for process control and fault finding for seamless integration of equipment and sensor data allowing data from multiple sources to be available for analysis
  • SRP (Spreading Resistance Profiling) – epi doping profiles and transition width
  • Advanced FTIR – epi Thickness, substrate resistivity, transition width measurements
  • GlobiTech uses ADE Ultrascan technology to analyze and report wafer dimensional quality including flatness and warp as well as substrate resistivity and electrical typing
  • ICP-MS analysis to detect a wide array of bulk metals on the order of parts-per-trillion
  • Auto-Titration – clean line bath monitoring
  • Optical microscope with Nomarski DIC allows seeing features down to several angstroms in height used for slip and misfit inspection